Holiday in Sardinia - Diving Sites at Stintino


Look through the DIVE SITE MAP AT STINTINO to locate the exact sites.



Capo Falcone

The dive consists of a plunge offshore on a sandy 45 mt seabed with no reference points. On the bottom we'll use a compass to reach the dinghy near the coast, slowly following a rocky face. This dive is only siutable for expert divers. It's easy tu run into strange organisms like aquile di mare, monkfish, melograno crabs and various sea anemones. Photo Gallery.


Punta Squalo

The dive takes place around a rock formation 50 mt away from the coast, beyond a deep channel. Because of the strong currents it is siutable for expert divers. Rock faces are full of sponges, sea fan and microfauna. Fishermen catch most of the cave fish, however the area is rich in pelagic fish like big tuna, barracuda and ricciole. Photo Gallery.



Scoglio Forato

The dive starts from a creek surrounded by coloured rock faces falling into the sea. We will pass by an oxbow and after a short 10 mt deep way the seabed slopes down to 40 mt, where it's possible to run into shellfish like crayfish and lobsters or big scorpion fish and mullets. Photo Gallery.



Punta della Pelosa

This dive is charachetized by a rock face covered in microfauna, that plumbs to 36 mt. The bottom is a cave and between the rocks some lobsters and crayfish show. Moray eels and congers often live together in the same lairs. Photo Gallery.




Cala Bugaiolo

This dive follows a vertical rock face starting from the bottom, where small falls make housing for hole fish like congers, moray eels, red and black scorpion fish and beautiful mullets. In the deepest part it's easy to spot crayfish and gorgonie full of small cipree and tiny shrimps. Going back to the buoy we'll follow a less deep way where nudibranchi e platelminti prolioferate. Photo Gallery.


Cala Squalo

The dive starts from a rock tower whose sides are rich in sponges and parazoanhtus. The rocky bottom with its huge rocks is the perfect place for breams and corvine. After a while you'll get to a rock face coloured by many sponges and parazoanthus compounds. It's easy to find crayfish like stenopus, gamberi vinai and periclimenes, while in the deepest part there are always lobsters and the brightly coloured tordo fischietto. Photo Gallery.


Tuffo nel fango

This dive site is a 43 mt deep mud seabed with no landmarks, perfect for rare organisms like spatanghi, ascidie mammilate, alcionari, platelminti and some alicia mirabilis. The dive is for experts only and being a deep one the time down is relatively short (20 min) and is followed by a long decompression. Photo Gallery.